Cine Project Group

Cine Project Group

Based with their head quarter in Lower Bavaria’s capital Landshut, Cine Project has established several local branches in the last 20 years.

Cine Project in Figures
  • 1995 established
  • 4x in Germany
  • 50 Employees
  • 20 Technicans
  • 3300 Screens
  • Projects in 30 Countries
  • 20 Partner abroad

Head Office Landshut

Our specialists from Cine Design and Cine Project Digital & Event assist you in all project phases starting from the idea up to the opening night. Short ways and common communication lead to effectivity and mutual assistance.

In 1995, Cine Project started to equip film shows with photographical film materials. The interests on analog film technology was transferred to KEM Studiotechnik. KEM also stands up for the preservation of cultural film heritage by manufacturing innovative devices in the field of archive technology.

The potential of Cine Project is supported by more than 20 partners abroad and by UNITIA, a network of well-known European cinema integrators, founded in 2015.


Cine Project Group

An international company

Branch Berlin

Cine Project in Berlin emerged from the companies KET, CPD and CPS, so for about 30 years we have been taken care of customers in Berlin and the new Federal States. In this industry, we are market leader of all private medium-sized cinemas. This objective has been achieved by our high quality demands in service. We are proud of renowned projects like Zoopalast Berlin, Traumpalast Leonberg with 10 auditoriums completely in Dolby ATMOS, and Astor in Hannover.

Another pillar is the assistance with video projection at highest standards for famous international artists. We are operating in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Tokyo, and also in Beijing.

Cine Project Berlin is responsible for most of the cinema design works within the Cine Project Group.

Branch Hamburg

Cine Project Hamburg has been on the market since 1996. One of their first projects was the planning and installation of projection and audio system of Cinemaxx Dammtor in Hamburg.

Since then a lot has changed: the transformation from analog 35mm projection to digital projection and cinema servers, various innovations in sound technology, network technology in general, automation, Theater Management Systems, Digital Signage solutions, light installations with focus on LED technology … and this process is still going on. In the years of digitization Cine Project Hamburg had always been in move: new technicians, trainings or new company buildings – all just to meet new challenges.

The current team in Hamburg includes branch manager Jens Engelhardt, sales assistant Roswitha Kaditschke and three technicians, always ready for installation, maintenance and prompt service.

Branch Krefeld

Cine Project Krefeld is the latest offshoot of the CP family and can look back on more than 7 years of successful business in the „deep west“. Satisfied regular customers and long lasting customer relationships are a main element of our daily business.

Not just high quality installations but also service organization are the main targets of Cine Project’s philosophy. Regular investments in the extension of our organization bring forward the development of our branch within the Cine Project group. Moving to bigger premises and increase of the technical staff and support are just a few examples of this.

Always up-to-date with new technology and products, developments and IT-business in the cinema industry, Cine Project can offer most modern solutions for current and future cinema projects.

Cine Project Digital & Event Systems, Landshut

In 1994, Cine Project caused a stir with the Open-Air-Premiere of Joseph Vilsmaier’s movie „Schlafes Bruder“ in Gaschurn in Vorarlberg, Austria. At that time, nobody could imagine the array of a 15m x 35m mobile screen, nor the reproduction of a satisfying SDDS-Sound outdoors. To prevent blackouts we had two Ernemann projectors and film platters running synchronously. In the end, 6000 invited guests were enchanted not only by the mountain fire…

Since 1998, Cine Project Digital & Event Systems has been taking care for events and big events of this type.

Several weatherproof screens of different sizes are in our rental pool, even a giant projection screens with size 40 x 20m. The construction of this giant inflatable screen is very quick and easy so that quick weather changes are not a problem. A weather resistant sound equipment made of specific sound arrays for large events will leave a big impression with your audience, also outdoors.

When planning a special event, you can also benefit from our connections with industrial partners, film distributors and event agencies.

For and big events of this types the Cine Project Digital & Event Systems takes care since 1998.
Our equipment has several different large, weatherproof screens, up to giant projection screens from 40x 20m. The construction of this giant inflatable screen is so easy so secure from weather changes. A weather resistant sound equipment made of specific sound arrays for lage events put a goose bumps at your audience also outdoor.

Let’s have also a benefit from our special events in connection with inudstrial partners, cine distributors and event agencys.

Cine Design, Landshut

Cine Design has been part of the Cine Project Group since 1998. Whereas Cine Project is dealing with latest cinema equipment, Cine Design creates an unforgettable experience in your cinema with modern interior design. We also consider recent trends like 4D Cinema or LED.

Design, planning, financial solutions and project management for your complete cinema project yield a perfect master plan. Stage technology, room acoustics and pedestal constructions are of course also part of our service.

Cine Design serves as representative of manufacturers and dealers of all well-known brands of the cinema industry.
We advise you in all project phases and organize import and export of exclusive goods for you. Of course, we also help with handling and installation of high quality furnishing materials.

Cine Design provides the optimal solution for your cinema regardless of budget and target group.

KEM Studiotechnik, Hamburg

KEM Studiotechnik, with its main location in Norderstedt near Hamburg, has a 45 years history of progressive development of high qualitv high value editing and viewing tables for film studios, laboratories and archives.

KEM has been part of the Cine Project Group since 2011. With their connections to our former manufacturer of 35mm projectors, it is the spine for your analogue and photographical film technology.

However, our aim is further progress. KEM is developing several new products for film archives to help saving the cultural heritage and make sure that also future generations will have access to it. Experts estimate that under adequate conditions photographical films can survive 500 years.
Since 2016, KEM Studiotechnik has developed and supplied specially tailored solutions in the area of modern multifunctional displays and Digital Signage.


KEM Studiotechnik GmbH
Hans-Böckler-Ring 43
D-22851 Norderstedt
Tel: +49 40 567665
Fax: +49 40 5603233

Cine Project - Italien

Thanks to unique connections between Cine Project Germany and many Italian companies like Qubo, CP-Service and NonSoloInformatici, Cine Project Italia started successfully in the Italian market in September 2012.

Two of these companies are well-known in the Italian cinema industry dealing with THX, Barco and Kinoton products. The latter is a certified IT company for Apple and Microsoft products. This has helped Cine Project Italia to be present on the market with experience and expertise right from the start.

Cine Project Italia is located in Reggio Emilia and doing business all over Italy. We are representing all leading brands, mainly NEC Projectors and NEC Digital Displays, GDC Server, Dolby Audio, Harkness Screens and NOVA loudspeaker systems. Our service, experience and maintenance expertise are our most precious assets that we can place at your disposal any time.


Via Barilli 3
I-42124 Reggio Emilia
Tel: +39 – 0522 – 1845684

Cine Project - Polen

Cine Project Polska has been dealing with planning, delivery, installation and service of professional cinema equipment since 20 years. Besides sales, we also provide technical support for film projectors.

Cine Project Polska participate at all important cinema events in Poland and Europe, like Kino Forum, Video & Sound in Krakow, and Cine Europe in Barcelona. We are member of the European association of cinema integrators UNITIA. Cine Project Polska is well-known in the Polish cinema industry.

In our range are all renowned products and brands of projection, sound, stage and light technology. This includes for example cinema projectors of company NEC, processors of company Dolby, 3D technology produced by Volfoni, DepthQ and X-Pand, cinema sound equipment of company Nova / Craaft Audio, JBL, KCS, stage technology of Gerriets, projection screens from Harkness and MW Bohemia.


CINE PROJECT Polska Sp.z.o.o.
ul. Adama Tomaszewskiego 11
PL-60692 Poznan
Tel: +48 – 61 – 825 4556
Fax: +48 – 61 – 656 1752

UNITIA - United Theater Integrators Association

Since June 2015, the alliance of the highest qualified, experienced and renowned cinema technology companies in Europe has strived for the best supply of modern equipment out of one hand.

All founding members together have over 50 years of experience to realize the ideal digital film show.
Today, UNITIA consists of 12 leading cinema integrators, operating in more than 25 countries and serving more than 11.000 digital screens.

20 Rue Cambon
75001 Paris
+33 1 74 700 705