Grand opening Astor Lounge Hafen City Hamburg

Grand opening Astor Lounge Hafen City Hamburg

On 29 November 2018, the Astor Film Lounge Hafen City was opened, creating a lot of media attention.
CINE PROJECT together with NEC helped to realize this prestigious project. With a total of 428 seats in three premium auditoriums it is the first premium cinema in Hamburg. We are proud to say that the complete design, delivery and installation of the cinema equipment for the Astor Film Lounge was done by CINE PROJECT. It is the first cinema in Germany that is equipped completely with laser projectors. In the three auditoriums there are two projectors NEC 2041L with 4K resolution with High Efficiency 3D and 20 000 Lumen each, as well as one NC1700L with 2K resolution and 14 000 Lumen. Two auditoriums are equipped with Full Dolby Atmos systems, the third is prepared for it.

The sound system is very impressive, too: in the first auditorium the amplifier power is approx. 50 000 Watt, in the second auditorium it is approx. 25 000 Watt. Due to constructional specifications, there are special loudspeakers of company Studt Akustik built in the third auditorium. All three halls offer the highest comfort: warm colors, pleasant dimensions, maximum convenience - and of course latest technology – are waiting for cinema lovers.

We wish to thank Hans-Joachim Flebbe for the confidence and pleasant collaboration

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