Opening Astor Film Lounge in Arri Munich

Opening Astor Film Lounge in Arri Munich

After a construction time of only 11 months, the Astor Film Lounge in the Arri Cinema in Munich was opened on 6 December 2018. CINE PROJECT is proud to be part of this success story. We were responsible for the complete design, delivery and installation of projection, sound and stage system in the Astor Film Lounge in the ARRI cinema.

All three halls are equipped with Barco laser projectors. In the biggest hall, the new Studio which was used as a recording studio before the reconstruction, we installed a flagship RGB laser projector Barco 6P-RBG-Laser, projecting with almost 45 000 Lumen on a new Harkness screen type Perlux HIWHITE with a surface of more than 200 m². The sound, too, is convincing: for the Dolby ATMOS system we used remote-controlled amplifiers with a total power of over 80 000 Watt.

The original room character of the former ARRI cinema remained, however, instead of the former 360 seats there are now only 177 VIP seats. That means a lot more comfort between the beautifully designed new side walls. They got a completely new look by many vertical light channels. A very special atmosphere was created in the new Club cinema which is designed in the style of a library. The 72 seats are framed by wooden book shelves with hundreds of nice books.

We wish to thank Hans-Joachim Flebbe for the confidence and very good collaboration.