State-of-the-Art Technology

We supply state-of-the-art and innovative technology from all well-known manufacturers of cinema technology.


Peripheral Devices

Of course, we also provide all peripheral devices for your cinema – up to your special requirements for turnkey solutions.



You can benefit from our engagement at UNITIA with access to the widest product and service range of the European cinema industry.


Centralized Warehouse

Due to our centralized warehouse, the most important spare parts are available within short time.



The last years of the digitalization have revolutionized the DCI projection technology of cinemas. No matter whether it is xenon or laser light source, the newest digital film projectors are characterized by:

  • Lager color space
  • Very detailed resolution
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Better brightness




With the improvement of the projectors, even the lenses had to keep up. The manufacturers adapted the production characteristics to the higher requirements, so today, for almost every application the right lens with perfect quality is available.


Processor and Amplifier

Even in the processing of the sound signal for the new cinema sound systems there have been many changes as a result of modern electronics. Due to continuous miniaturization and resulting lower power loss it is nowadays possible to achieve a signal processing that has never been heard before.


Sound Systems

The last years of digitalization even revolutionized the speaker systems. The current speaker generation is characterized by:

  • Homogeneous emission
  • Wide frequency spectrum
  • Further, linearer frequency response
  • Minimal distortion
  • High output power
  • Small design




Theater Management Systems

Thanks to automation and digitalization, it is possible to play the shows cost efficiently and in high quality. TMS and IP-based installations provide the necessary flexibility to react quickly on changes of your audience’s behavior.


Foyer Technology

Digital Signage, LED displays and lighting, as well as modern foyer displays ensure targeted advertising at POI, process optimization at POS and satisfied customers.